There is no greater feeling than the warmth and cushion under bare feet like the comfort that carpet can bring. If you are looking to add warmth, design, and style to your home, let Those Guys Flooring show you what carpet flooring can do for you.

One of the greatest benefits of Those Guys Flooring’s carpet is the warmth and comfort it provides for you whole home. Our thermal resistant and energy efficient carpet can keep your house feeling cozy all year long. Feel comfortable sitting on the floor, walking without shoes on, and enjoying the warmth your carpet provides.

Not only does carpet installation bring warmth into your home, but it acts as a sound barrier as well. Your home may have TVs, surround sound, speakers, foot traffic, and more, all creating a noise no matter what room you are in. Carpet adds cushion and help to absorb noise throughout your home, making the transmission of noise lessened and adding to the peacefulness you desire.

Those Guys Flooring installs carpet in many homes to also reduce the chance of slips and falls. Acting as a soft cushion to each footstep, carpet is a wonderful safety addition for your entire home.
With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, you can transform any room into your dream living space with carpet. Neutral, bold, or basic, our options of carpet styles are limitless. We challenge you to Create the inviting, practical, and cost efficient space you’ve always wanted.

Call Those Guys Flooring today and let us bring our carpet samples right to your front door. Choosing the right floor has never been as easy or convenient as it is now.