Flooring, the foundation to any house is so crucial in setting the tone and style for any home so its important to get it right! Today we are going to look at wood flooring trends. (Stay tuned for upcoming posts on laminate, vinyl, and carpet trends). When choosing wood flooring there are some main things to consider as in color, size and texture. So lets get to it and see whats the right fit for your home!


Dark, Blonde, and nothing in between except Grays

Dark Floors

First lets talk about dark stained wood floors. These floors definitely make a statement and can be so nicely paired with contrasting bright whites (think white cabinetry, white furniture, white walls, or white stairs). Colors in this scheme range from dark walnut, coffee brown, expresso brown, ebony, to true black. Clients who go with dark stained wood floors will usually prioritize style over maintenance as these floors will easily show dust and dirt. But hey, maybe you are either pre-kids or empty nesters who don’t mind spending a little extra on a house cleaner. Dark floors make great options for large spaces as they can bring warmth to any space. Be cautious with smaller spaces as dark floors will make a small room look even smaller.

Dark Wood Floors

Blonde floors

Quite the opposite to dark floors, as in blonde floors will expand the feel of a room. These naturally lit floors will enhance your area to make your space look bigger, brighter and more spacious. They are lower in maintenance in comparison to the dark wood floors as they can hide the fact that you haven’t cleaned your floor in 2 weeks.These floors are also nicely paired with lighter furniture to create softer, relaxing spaces. They can also be paired with dark furniture to create a contemporary look as well. Pine and cork are common naturally blonde flooring options.

Blonde wood floors

Gray floors

My absolutely favorite on the color wheel when it comes to wood flooring. These floors have been very trendy in the last couple of years but they are still going strong and becoming a staple for modern homes! In fact, they are evolving towards lighter shades of grey mixed with beige (griege) or towards white washes of gray, giving them a softer more neutral feel. There are so many options with gray wood floors!

Color is an important choice as it will set the tone for the look you are trying to create! In summary, most people are moving in the direction of natural or cooler tones and staying clear of warmer tones (think reds, red/brown blends or yellow undertones).

Gray wood floors


The trend is pretty consistent here. Large wide planks with extremely low-sheen finishes are going strong for size. Wider longer planks have the advantage of creating a more unified cleaner look with fewer joint lines. Homes built between 1950-2000 were built with 2 inch wood strips but now the trend standard starts with at least 3” and up to 7” wood strips. Quite the difference!

The exception to the wider planks are parquet designs as in herringbone and chevron parquet designs. Trend setting homes are choosing this option to add sass, interest, and depth their wood floors. They are definitely more expensive as they require skill and precision with their installation.

With the chevron design, the floor is cut at an angel so that the pieces come to a point, then repeated. Herringbone floors are not cut at an angle, but instead they are created by placing the rectangular pieces in a staggered pattern. Both create beautiful floors!

Chevron design:

Herringbone Design:

Gone are the days of glossy floors. People are opting for the opposite these days and turning to texturing to create a tougher rustic earthier feel to their floors. This trend is stylish and helps mask everyday wear and tear, making them a popular choice for families and homeowners with pets. Here are a two different techniques:

Hand Scraping: artisans scrape (dent, scoop, sand) each plank to create a reclaimed look that mimics naturally occurring character markings. Long ingrained scrapes create an overall richness and uniqueness to your floor.

Wire brushing: this finishing technique involves scraping the plank with a hard-bristled wire brush. The stiff bristles pull the soft grain from the growth ring off leaving the heartwood exposed, creating an aged distressed look.

Well there you have it guys. Hope this helps in selecting the right hardwood floors for your upcoming projects. Don’t hesitate to call us today to learn more about our hardwood installation services in the Phoenix area. Also please take advantage of our free in-home estimate!