dreamstime_12656427Tile is one of our most popular flooring options. Articulately designed to last for years, this is a wonderful flooring decision for durability and design.

You never have to worry about stains, water damage, or traffic when it comes to Those Guys Flooring tile installation. Because of its sealing finish, tile flooring will never hold any stains and water will just roll off making spills and messes easy to clean up. Dust, pollen, and dirt do not get ground into tile like with carpet, so it’s beauty and design never fades.

The regular maintenance of tile consists primarily of vacuuming and sweeping, making your entire home’s care faster and more simple. The hard surface mean messes will not stick,  allowing for reduced allergy causing pollens within your home. Maintenance is simple and repair is just as easy. When a tile is damaged, the broken or chipped areas can just be removed and replaced.

Give yourself a floor that is easy to care for, live with, and love.

Those Guys Flooring offers a variety of tile design options. Whether you are looking for a simple solid layout or want to mix patterns to create an intricate pattern, we have the perfect tile for you. Our goal at Those Guys Flooring is to bring you the floor of your dreams. Never leave your house, let us bring you what you want, when you want it.  We strive to make choosing a new floor easy. With hundreds of colors to choose from, we can install the right floor for you. Match existing designs of your home or create new, we will help you.