dreamstime_xxl_19245941Choosing a new floor may not be as simple as you expected.

You need to have the right floor to match your family’s needs. Both practical and beautiful, Those Guys Flooring offers an option that may be perfect for you: tile that looks like hardwood.

Whether your flooring project is big or small, choosing tile that looks like wood is a wonderful decision. More than just a trend, our wood-like tile gives you the design of a hardwood floors but the durability of porcelain. With the rectangular shape of the tiles and natural grain look, this options gives you the ability to have a floor that replicates real hardwood; it is almost impossible to even tell the difference.

Unlike wood, our ceramic tile can be placed in areas that get wet like bathrooms and kitchens and will also never scratch. Tile that looks like wood is easy to maintain and clean, manufactured to last for many years to come holding its same beauty as the day it is installed.

Those Guys Flooring’s tile is designed with our customer’s in mind.

We will bring you a variety of color options as to find one that best fits your design needs. Designed to mimic the real gains and texture to wood, you are sure to find a color options perfect for your home. We strive to focus on our tile’s durability while meeting all your flooring design needs. If you are looking for the image of wood but the durability of tile, then this is the option for you.