dreamstime_xxl_27239366Does your bathroom need a quick update? Have you been wondering how to transform your kitchen, but just do not know where to start? Those Guys Flooring can install top quality vinyl planks to give you the luxurious look you desire.

Vinyl not only transforms your floor, it can transform your entire home design. With Those Guys Flooring you can have great flooring without breaking your bank. Water resistant and extremely durable, vinyl is luxurious and practical. Luxury vinyl planks may be the perfect solution to meet all your flooring needs.

Those Guys Flooring offers luxury vinyl in a variety of color options. We will bring you what you want to look at and give you the cost right there on the spot. Replicate stone, hardwood, or any other material you can think of; our design vinyl options make your house a home in just a few easy steps. Whether you want one room or your entire house, you can never go wrong choosing our luxury vinyl planks.

Easy to care for and maintain, you can expect beautiful floor for many years to come.

Vinyl is wonderful for high traffic areas and will stand the test of time for your family. Vinyl is versatile and economically friendly allowing you to have the floor of your dreams; Those Guys Flooring will install the vinyl of your choice with ease.

If you are looking for a floor that is comfortable, durable, water resistant, and cost efficient, let Those Guys Flooring show you our luxury vinyl.